5 Movies To Watch With Mom On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day to honor the woman that does so much for you throughout the year. Celebrate Mom and spend some special time together this Mother’s Day. Choose from these appropriate Mother’s Day selections.
Freaky Friday
Freaky Friday is an excellent choice for a teenage daughter and her mother, or a mother and daughter who have survived the teenage years. In this movie the teenage girl, Anna, and her mother, Tess, are dealing with typical mother and teenage daughter issues. After being given special Chinese fortune cookies, the two wake up on a Friday morning having switched bodies. In the end, both gain an understanding an appreciation for what the other goes through, and come out of the strange day with a stronger mother and daughter bond.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
In this movie the main character, Toula, struggles with her traditional Greek family, especially after she meets and falls in love with Ian Miller, who is not Greek. The time leading up to the wedding is both funny and frustrating as Toula struggles with her family’s strong opinions. Toula ends up with a large, traditional Greek wedding, but everyone ends up enjoying themselves. She sees that, like most mothers and parents, hers just want what is best for her.
Because I Said So
In this movie, the mother struggles with letting go when it comes to her daughters. She is concerned about one of her three daughters in particular, Milly. After Milly’s relationship ends her mother secretly begins matchmaking for her daughter. After much frustration, the mother finally sees that choosing a mate for her daughter is not her job, and she must step back and let Milly make her own choices.
Georgia Rule
This movie is about three generations of women- a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter, who are all struggling in their relationships with each other. Lilly, at a loss, decides to bring her out of control daughter Rachel back home to live with her mother, Georgia. Rachel ends up confessing that, tragically, her stepfather has taken advantage of her sexually in the past. When she sees how this news effects her mother, she convinces her mother that she was lying. Lily goes back with her husband briefly, but then finally realizes and accepts the truth. The three women reconcile at the end, and the strong bond between a mother and a child are made clear.
Steel Magnolias
The title of this film seems to appropriately describe the female main characters. They are beautiful like Magnolias, but incredibly strong. This description could be used to describe many women and mothers, perhaps even your own. The women in this film are good friends who have fun and face tragedy together. One, in particular, suffers. She loses her daughter after her daughter’s body rejects the kidney her mother donated to her. This film celebrates the bond between mothers and children, the incredible strength of many women and mothers, and the value of friendship. A wonderful choice for Mother’s Day viewing. For more movies check out blazedvds.