VibeSzn $1 Million In Revenue With Custom Jewelry

Founded by St. Louis native Jessie McNeel, VibeSzn sells custom jewelry ranging from nameplates to anklets. In its first two years VibeSzn has grown tremendously through its main social media channel Instagram. VibeSzn is known for their Instagram collaborations and trendy custom pieces. Some of the most popular custom items consist of their Old English Nameplates and Old English Birthdate Necklaces.

90s kids across the world can be found styled in these VibeSzn pieces. VibeSzn products can be seen worn by Desi Perkins and the like. VibeSzn strives to continue working with Influencers and building hype around their unique products. VibeSzn will have generated $1 million in revenue from May 2018-January 2019. The company is continuing to expand its offering as an online custom jewelry store with a mission to inspire individuals to express their personal style with trendy, affordable and personalized jewelry.

Found in the heart of downtown St.Louis, the VibeSzn team is a very young team made up of under ten employees. The teams core value is to satisfy customers and continue to offer unique and customizable products at an affordable cost to all, while promoting a movement that sets trends without boundaries.

VibeSzn has a tremendous business plan for 2019 with a new website in the works and new product offerings on the way. Check out to customize your own trendy pieces.